Musician Redsan beats up his long term music producer Scrappy after he was demanding for a master collection of his Baddest Album. He tried contacting Scrappy but he didn’t answer his calls. He was demanding for that album even after not paying a single coin for the production. Sources say that Redsan has not been paying his producer for the past four years now.

Here is the aftermath:

Redsan raided the studio when Music producer Scrappy was in the studio withy musician Avid and interrupted their conversations which later led to swollen faces.

On Saturday during Redsan’s album launch along with Tiwa Savage and Demarco, he didn’t give Scrappy any credits to his album. Considering he was producing the whole album for free and he was doing all the production work. The event’s whole point was for Redsan to launch his new Album but he didn’t perform any song, because his album was not yet produced.

Here is the audio:

Redsan is in trouble after beating up his producer and Kenyans are not happy about this. Kenyans reacted to this feud; these are some of the comments.