l-Computers-are-so-boring...Monday blues and red nights. having blue Mondays means you had some red night;dangerous night so to say. A night that made you so tired or a weekend that sacked all your energy out. Probably you took a long rest over the weekend to the point of your body taking the relaxing phase such that monday comes and you got hangovers and some hand bags of tiredness.

What exactly do we do over our weekends such that when Monday comes all we have to give is that gloomy face that the lecturer in class finds hard to cheer up? Student life comes for a while and it then flashes right before your eyes before you know it. The freedom of having to rest some of the weekdays is no more for you are into the business world where you work under a manager who needs your productivity 24/7 and the fun part is you get to earn a salary huuuheyy!!! Take all the time you have in uni to date all the girls you can, eat at all the spots you can since the clock is ticking, sooner or later you will be no more to such fantasies and fantastic moments withyour friends.

Just have all the days of your school life being red.. Blue days will come some day but not during your university life. when you boss tells you do this, do that, come here, go there bla bla bla. not that its bad but then you wont have the freedom to skive office work as you would skive class to go and have nyama choma with friends.

give the Monday some cheers and smileys.