This is a delicate and very controversial topic. I mean most people active on social media enjoy posting naughty pics, dabotapping thirstily and flirting with every Tom, Dick, Harry, Shiro and Mwende. Single people enjoy social media more; no one to answer to or question who was sweethearting you. For all those in relationships… this is for you! Here are 5 basics to keep in mind.
Trust each other. Give each other space for friends and freedom. Cyber-stalking is healthy when you want to make sure your ex is not doing better without you. However, I can’t say the same when you do it to your significant other. You can’t obsess and agonise every waking moment over who they are communicating with online.
As much as you aren’t suffocating each other in love or lust or whatever is the basis of your relationship: in your partner’s absence remain respectful. When communicating online…keep it friendly and never flirty. Another thing that is just a turn off: respect each other enough to not have an argument online. #KOT does enjoy the tweefs but keep in mind it’s a double edged sword: as you hurt your partner verbally… damage is done to your reputation. Mistakes aren’t quickly forgotten.
Be genuine
There’s a fine line between sharing a pic of you and your boo boo and showing off an expensive gift you bought her. Don’t get me wrong… I find it adorable when a man or lady posts about their better half. However, I find it revolting when it emanates a materialistic aura because it translates to shallowness. It’s just sad how people can go all mushy online for all to see yet you know one of them isn’t faithful. Some change their relationship status more than they change their nail polish or choice of beer. Quit the act and get real not for anyone but yourself.
The worst thing you can do is not mention that you’re in a relationship. Scratch that… the worst thing you can do is give all the single signs as if eluding the fact that you have someone who can bend over backwards just to see you smile. This is a grey area… you’re not getting mushy but you’re letting the thirsty #teammafisi outchea know that they can’t own you. This is an important basic that helps assure men where your loyalty is *think Dj Khaled*.
Take advantage
Last but certainly not least… maximize your use of social media while in a relationship. I’ve highlighted about the don’ts now here are the dos. Chat, share, like, repost, retweet, favorite, tap, dip do all that you can to simply show them that at some point in your day you thought about them and you aren’t afraid to share that moment with whoever follows you. It helps for couples in long distance relationship (read don’t live together).
Now those are the basics and I don’t mind sharing my inspiration. There are a few couples that I admire not just for their boldness but their persistence to go against the grain. On Twitter: Brian Mbunde and Ida Joyce… in fact Brian Mbunde went to the extent of mentioning his better half in an interview by People Daily. On instagram: Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mathenge… I need not say more. Vincent Kariuki and Elizabeth Benjamin. The latter intrigue me because they are engaged, busy but still have time for a snap. For their privacy’s sake I’ll let you search for them if you want to know  more. If you’re in a relationship and more than one basic is in question; you need to go back to the drawing board. Thank me later; I’m out!
Stacey Nduta