Relegation Of The Chess Champ – Sanjana Deshpande – by Chess Kenya


The Chess Kenya serve Sanjana Deshpande with a letter that that strips her of her title of National Champion on grounds that she is not a Kenyan citizen.

Going back to the drawing board… is that even fair? Sanjana has lived in Kenya for eleven years, representing it in both minor and major league chess events, and not once did they they denounce her as a winner because she was not a Kenyan citizen! After her endless devotion to the Kenyan chess, they cut her loose with no prior notice.

What did Sanjana do? Well, just like any other person facing injustice, Sanjana sued Chess Kenya. She asked after reading the letter.

“If it wasn’t appropriate why did they let me compete initially?”

Honestly, wouldn’t you have done the very same? I know I would!

Then again, we wonder where sports is headed, to the sky or soil??

By Meggy J. Obala