Things have been on the up and up for Grammy Nominated rapper, Remy Ma, since she got released from the US Correctional system. In 2004, as a member of the rap group Terror Squad, Remy Ma was at the top of her game with their No. 1 smash “Lean Back” with label mate Fat Joe. Super-stardom seemed within reach. But then Remy’s career was interrupted by a six-year prison sentence stemming from a 2007 nightclub altercation in which Remy  non-fatally shot an acquaintance she suspected of stealing money from her purse, although her lawyer termed it as an accident in court.

After her 2014 release, she got right back to work with the mixtape I’m Around, but it wasn’t until she reunited with Joe for 2016’s surprise Grammy-nominated hit “All the Way Up” that she returned to the charts.


A lengthy jail sentence has been proven to diminish the skills of more than a few rappers over the years, but Remy Ma shows no such signs of rust. That’s because during her time away, Remy says she studied for a comeback, subscribing to “every magazine known to mankind” to keep up with the rapidly changing music industry. Rapper Papoose (her husband), would also send her cassettes and play her new music and Vine clips over the phone so she could stay up to date on what was happening in the culture.

                “I had to use every piece of momentum and gear it toward building back up to where I wanted to be,” Remy says.

Their new joint album, Plata o Plomo, out now, marks her first official studio release in more than a decade. That’s after they decided to put aside the “unforgivable” beef wedged in between them for many of those past troublesome years (due to Remy’s displeasure with how she felt Fat Joe handled the rollout for her debut album, There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story).

Plata O Plomo serves as a triumphant return for Fat Joe and Remy Ma as it touches on their experiences in the prison system and their rise to the top of the food chain. Although the album lacks of any other mainstream smash like All The Way Up which weakens the album’s chart performance, a couple of the remaining songs are actually pretty gritty and will be sure to spark interest in dedicated Terror Squad fans.

And just in case you think Remy is all hype, when she took the stage at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena last May, while making a brief appearance during DJ Khaled’s opening set on Beyonce’s Formation World Tour, she wondered why everyone was cheering. So when she saw the crowd’s reaction, she assumed Jay Z, who was backstage, had joined her only to turn around and realize the noise was for her. Fat Joe said in an interview;

           “To this day, Jay Z texts me, ‘Does she know that never happens?!’