Resa, Mira Evicted from the Big Brother House


Resa was the first person to be evicted from Big Brother Hotshots. She was asked to leave the house and soon joined IK on the live stage for her interview.

The room seemed to turn cold as 12 housemates were made to stand. Resa seemed to take the news well but the same could not be said for her friend Sipe, who immediately wept.

Uganda’s Esther shouted out “I love you Resa” as the Zambian lass hurried out of the house. She told IK that she was at peace with the turnout of events and mentioned that she would miss Sipe the most.

The second evictee on the first eviction show was the pretty and slender lady from Mozambique.

Mira started off appearing as a shy girl on the show but in the first diary session with Biggie, she assured him that she was not at all shy and wished Africa to understand this.

She said that she was just very nervous at the launch show and may have given the impression that she was shy.