New-Year_s-WishesThey say that every new day brings new opportunity and a new chance, new day carries new mercies to help you through the heaps of responsibility right before your whole being. Its 2014 in all of our calenders who managed to see the year alive,  its either a sorry or a congratulations  to those who had their lives cut short not to see the new year and to those who walked into rest awaiting the final day of every being on earth so as they get to read their report form over how they performed while on earth. So friends, its new year and the list of resolutions are either hanging on our intimate  walls or nothing like a resolution list at all. We do this with the hope that grace is going to enable us achieve milestones and conquer barriers.  Interestingly, very few live to accomplish the order of the list and majority lead the opposite of the resolution list. Reasons being,,,, I really do not know the reasons. Going on, some would prefer duplicating the old year into the new year hoping the old tactics of the past will fill in the blanks  presented to us by the new year. Its either you commit yourself to the new resolutions which may be to get a good job, do better in school,get a girlfriend/boyfriend, engage that girlfriend, quit drugs or do drugs, separate from friends and the list is endless or you do not jot down the new year to do list.

With this, only one focused person can choose the affirmative side on the resolution. The one person who respects their own commitments. Its quite interesting how we describe the resolutions but when the year grows old we counter check and take stock of the old year that was once a new year and notice that nothing on the list is attended to or even visevarser. I do not know what you would have achieved  on your resolution list when the year comes to an end. It is still new year friends you can determine where you will lie.