pawaThe past weekend witnessed the best cypher in town going down at the Pawa 254 rooftop. As it is the norm of the cypher that takes place every last Friday of the month, this was the Tenth Time the Cypher was taking place and there were a lot of expectation from the organizers (Aarban Vibe).

Both MCs and Hiphop Lovers started trickling in as early as 4.30pm and as it was expected the DJ of the day Twitch Yo DJ had already started dishing out great hiphop tunes from the past to the future awaiting the registration of MCs and more fans to settle down before the real action started.

This time round the turnout was enormous and more was expected of the MCs. The Show kicked off at 5.30pm after all the MCs had registered. Most notably was The Moderator of the programme was Sela-C who is also a dope MC and has featured in the previous cyphers. In addition to the 10th Edition of this Cypher, B-Boy Dancers were also incorporated to show their skill at the end of every round.

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The First round had a total of 24 MCs who had their game on lock but its only 16 MCs who could proceed to the next round. The second round saw a number of MCs chickening out coz of big names like Nuke, Luki Monster, Xcalibur (who was the Nokia Don’t Break The Beat Winner),Robby Voice and TraboLee just to mention a few. After that round 12MCs remained to proceed to the next round which was the 3rd round. The annoying thing about the elimination was one MC [name withheld] ho kept on playing dumb by asking if he had proceeded yet he knew well he had failed at the 1st round.

The 3rd round had it fair share of MCs going hard on the bars and luckily enough some of the not so well known MCs like Mickey Bird Boy, Qina, Dayvo and an Aarban Cypher regular Paps fell during this round after a heavy battle. The Last Round had almost all the previous winners of the Aarban Cypher Editions from Guy One, Robby Voice, Trabolee, Xcalibur and Nuke, a decision was made to give Luki Monster and Amo Kamili a direct chance to be at the Finals and go head to head.

The Head-Head battle pulled great crowd since it was to be the first of its kind. Luki took on the first step but he had a mishap by choking on the mic, but when it was Amo Kamili’s time the crowd went ballistic by just a single line and I quote “Huyu rapper ni ka Shule imekuwa demolished, ni vile hana Class”. That one line convinced the crowd plus the judges that Amo had taken the Lord Cypher for the 10th Edition. The trophy was handed over by Boniface Mwangi of Pawa 254 overseen by Giovanni- a representative of Aarban Vibe and Yours Truly the Judge.

Written: @MasterSteve_