Ever visited Playstore and bumped into the most pointless of applications that make you feel just a little more useful? Has someone ever recommended the worst, most useless, most pointless application that made you want to fast in prayer for them to change their insane ways??

Here is a list of some of the most useless apps;

You Are Rich

You will not magically become rich once you download this app for free. Oh, the irony! All this app does is emitting a weird red colour and determines how rich you are. It does not even look the part. Just check out the structure.

iFrench Kiss

Done practicing with the mirror how to kiss that girl for the first time? Here is an application that sneaked its way into the application store. It basically rates your tactics of French kissing; just the vigor of wiggling your tongue. The more the clown faces of course, the better your score. Well, if you got so much love for your iPhone, this is your chance to snog it!

ifrench kiss

Will You Marry Me??

Here’s another thing, you can do after you’re done snogging your iPhone. You can marry it. Yes! All you have to do is shake your iPhone and it’ll tell you if it’ll marry you or not. I am not sure whether it is legal to marry a smartphone in Kenya though.

will you marry me app

Finger Mood Scanner

This app reads your fingerprint” to tell you what emotional state you are in, in case you didn’t know. An app that really reads fingerprints using the Samsung Galaxy S5’s built-in fingerprint scanner is Last Pass. No equivalent is available on the iPhone 5s currently.

mood scanner


Electric Razor

Kissing your iPhone cannot be worse than trying to shave your beard with it. If you try this, you’re beyond crazy! It actually is virtual, so just press on and off imagining that you have a working razor.

electric shaver


This one has been around for a while. You can make your screen look and sound like it’s filled with beer. If chugging down pretend beer is your idea of fun, this app may be for you.


Pocket Heat

This useless app could be used for fooling non-smartphone users into believing that you carry a portable heater with you, and teaching your kids not to touch hot surfaces. Well this will teach them one thing: not to download useless apps, especially ones that cost 99 cents!

pocket heat


Have you had your experience with crappy phone applications? Let us know about It below: