Meet Hulda Serro, a passionate performer and student of Music at Kenyatta University. At age 20 she is quite active, making big steps in her music career. We got a chance to ask her a few questions on her journey.

Of what genre is your music?

I can’t really describe my genre or sound just yet. I’d say it is a combination of many things. I am mostly experimenting here and there.  Eventually I will be able to describe it.

What inspires you and what do you hope to achieve? 

I just like to perform and reach other people through my music. My reason for venturing into music is because it is what keeps me going. I want to tell people’s stories.

I think every musician aims for a Grammy Award. If I get there, it would be great.


What hurdles have you come by in your journey as an artiste? 

There are a lot of challenges. As I am just starting to build my brand it’s hard to convince people give me a chance. Getting good, well-paying gigs has been quite tricky but I am hopeful for better days.

How far have you come as artist?

I started performing my own music about a year ago. I think I have made tremendous steps so far. I am the lead singer for the Ricky na Marafiki Band which is a big deal for me.

I am currently working with Polycarp (Fancy Fingers) Otieno of Sauti Sol on my first single.


 Which other artistes have you/ would you like to work with? 

For now, my focus is creating my brand before doing collaborations. I don’t want to be that girl who made it because of someone else’s fame, you know?

I however plan on doing a collaborative album with Kalahi. We are like soul sisters musically and I think doing a kind of ‘Fan of a fan’ album would be great.


Any advice to anyone who is starting out?

Even though I’m starting out myself, I would advise anyone planning to be a musician to take one step at a time. From that first gig, playing that first chord and moving on from there.

Don’t let money be your sole motivation because you should keep doing it even when it becomes financially strenuous.

Enjoy an acoustic Nioradukania by Hulda Serro.

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