Rihanna popularly known as Riri,is one international star who has crossed all borders as a music and fashion Icon.She is known to have a very eccentric style that stands out in a very unique extraordinary way.From daring outfits to haute couture she is quite bold in her colors and outfits.


What am I talking about….Well she just launched her Fenty-Puma Collection at New York Fashion Week late last month and also showcased at the Paris Fashion Week recently.This new collection depicts what kind of mindset she has when it comes to ready-to-wear handmade clothes,with alot of influence from her Barbadian background.


Her collection features sleeping gowns,sweat pants,sweat shirts, lingerie,bags, capes, hoods,clogged shoes,fans,corsets,fish-net tops and jewellery.This collection reveals her to being a fashion forward individual,being edgy and ready to explore various prints and cuts that are bold and beautiful.