I recall we had this topic in Kenya sometimes back when women decided that what they wore was their choice. It rings a bell does it? My dress my choice! It was a tagline and almost became a motto, or I will call it an anthem. Women decided that no one was going to dictate their dress code.

Zambia is different from Kenya and it has been decided that the dress code will be dictated by the government. Moral values are considered important in Zambia and their latest public warning does not come by surprise.

Earlier this morning the Zambian police put up a notice to all people on their manner of dressing. The notice was directed to all people meaning both male and female are included in this. The letter was written by the Zambian police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo.

The notice states that no individual will be allowed to dress indecently in public. Those found doing so will be fined 2500k or an alternative of 6 months in jail. The type of clothes that will be considered indecent were mentioned in the notice and included the now famous ripped and skinny jeans. Mini-skirts and crop tops were also mentioned.

Well folks it seems Africa is full of surprises and I’m sure if it was in Nairobi we would be in the streets right now protesting.