It is a few days since social media burst out with the story of the late Kenyatta University students who lost their lives in a road accident on their way to Kisii for a party. What could have been epic memories turned out into a tragedy.

Sad fact is this road accident will not be the last to happen. Here are a few ways on how to be extra careful just before you embark on your road trip.

    1. Plan ahead.

Get everything right and ready even weeks before. Random plans end up disappointing. Research thoroughly on where you are headed to. Know what routes are used, are there blind spots, who uses this roads especially trailers and lorries, know the exit routes and stop points. The driver (s) should have known this before tackling the journey. Even the employment of a GPS needs the effective use of it. Before that road trip pack a few, like a first aid kit, spare tires, flashlight.


2. Service the vehicle. Find out the degree of functionality of the car. Is it well maintained, can it be driven on the road during long routes. Are the brakes working like all that technical stuff have to be good to go. As a driver, one should familiarize themselves with the vehicle, especially if it was a rental.

3. Choose a competent driver (s). For long drives, it is advisable to have more than one driver who will take turns. A designated driver should have a well-rested sleep prior to the journey. He/she should be off any form of drugs or alcohol. In other news, Don’t Drink and Drive.


4. Have fun in moderation. I mean, you don’t have to be reminded about this. Aristotle’s ethical theory states that, virtue is achieved by maintaining the mean, which is the balance between excesses.

5. Be your brother’s keeper. Keep an eye on each other on the road. Take care.

Stick to these guidelines and have safe fun.