As Kenya and the whole world takes caution due to the current global pandemic, It is wise for people to make great use of the free time time to keep themselves engaged in a happy place just for a moment. As for me and the squad we decided to take a road trip to the beautiful township of Nanyuki. I know you might be asking yourself why opt for nanyuki? Well that questioned can be narrowed down to these 8 simple reasons:

  1. The stop point at the Equator. On your way to Nanyuki you get to crossover to the northern hemisphere of the word. There is a stop point where you can stop and admire the equator scenery. You can also stop to shop for cultural artefacts from the market just at the stop point.
  2. The catchy view of mount Kenya. You will get to actually see the peaks of mount kenya from the highway. The spectacular view is captivating especially in the morning hour when you can see the horizon and in the evening during the sunset.         
  3. The diverse range of birds. Ol Jogi wildlife conservancy is the place that you get to enjoy interacting with wildlife in Nanyuki. The conservancy hosts a variety of interesting birds from owls, parrots to hornbills.                                                                               
  4. The two most popular big cats. At Ol Jogi you also get to interact with lions and cheetahs. The cats at ol jogi are mostly species saved from hostile environments or species that are orphaned.                                                                                                                 
  5. A range of exotic primates. You also get to spot the friendliest range of monkeys you will ever see. The monkeys are from different parts of the world some as far as North America. The monkeys are usually excited to see visitors and they interact very socially with their guests especially the spider monkey.                                                                   
  6. The Grizzly Bear. The Icing on the cake for your trip to Nanyuki is you get to see the only grizzly bear in Kenya and reportedly africa. The 18 year old bear,who weighs 490 kg,goes by the name ‘potap’ and is a donation from moscow russia.                                 
  7. The endangered species. Apart from the mentioned animal life, Ol Jogi wildlife conservancy is home to a number of endangered species ranging from reticulated giraffe, grevy’s zebra, elephants african wild dog, greater kudu and laikipia hartebeest.

I would highly recommend Karibu tazama tours for your trip to Ol Jogi wildlife conservancy in Nanyuki. This is a tour company with a new twist of experience that makes the different in their sector. Make sure to check their tour packages with fairly pocket friendly rates. I enjoyed my trip and as sure as the sun will shine you will too.

Special Thank you to the squad Dana De Grazia, Smooth, Brenda and.

The karibu tazama team Alcky Ogunde, Ronny Chicha and Jeff.

Phone 02 2020383 or 0722623937

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