Rock Animal Print This November

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2015)
Animal print clothes are a timeless fashion trend. The thing with print is it could be a major fashion statement or an ultimate fail if you wear it wrong.
So here are some printed items every lady should have in her closet.

#1 Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a trending wear. You can wear a simple snake print or giraffe spotted jumpsuit to an event like Blankets and wine or even a wedding. It gives you a classy and smart edge. It’s best worn with heels or just a casual pair of pumps.

PS: Don’t wear bold colored shoes or any other print as it’ll clash and look bleugh!

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#2 Heels

Every girl must have a pair of heel. It’s like an unsaid rule.Of course the black heels are best cause of the neutral colour but animal printed heels can be the best accessory to a plain outfit.

It will be the wow factor in you look.

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Honestly it doesn’t even have to be heels, they could be simple doll shoes.
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#3 Coat

In this unpredictable Nairobi weather , everyone must own a trench coat or boyfriend jacket. I know you’re wondering a printed coat will just make me look like i killed game at the zoo.

If you’re afraid of going bold ; you can just do with a touch of print . Either printed sleeves or just the collar. If you don’t fancy that, try a coat with a printed lining then you can fold to slightly reveal or leave open to show the inner detail.

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#4 Maxi dress

You’re worried sick about what you’ll wear to this weekend’s wedding or that dreadful family gathering next month. Well, here’s your best option. A animal print maxi dress. It’s comfy and calm. It’s preferable to do a zebra or cow print…anything not too screamy. You don’t want everyone to think you overdressed for a mere family barbecue.

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#5 Handbags

Which lady wouldn’t want a bag that makes her friends oggle with jealousy? A bag that just spells ‘This lady has good taste’ . Well an animal print leather bag is just the thing for you. It’s best to opt for the big print maybe giraffe or the unique prints like leopard spots on your bag. Never the less it all depends on a person’s liking.

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Just like the shoes, it’s an accessory on it’s own so don’t worry what you’ll wear it with, Jeans and a top are just right.

NB: If you must do a print on print, it’s best to make sure the prints are almost similar and one is minimum to avoid a conflicting look.
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Models Maya and Julie.


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