Matatu crew in Nairobi are well known for their arrogance and disrespect to their customers. Yesterday, a fight ensued between one and his passenger in a matatu plying the Rongai route that led to the tout biting off his upper lip.


Bernard Chege boarded one Matatu named SkyFall 007 before one of the touts in the vehicle reached out to rob him of his valuables which led to a fight that left him with a partly slit lip.

Mr. Chege had travelled from Kericho for a job interview and was headed to Rongai during the fatal evening. Her sister narrated what unraveled to his brother to the media over the phone;

“It was around 11pm. When they reached Barclays in Rongai, one of the Makangas tried to put his hands on my brother’s pocket but my brother noticed and confronted him… the makanga got mad and bit my brother’s upper lip mpaka akamkata nyama,” 

The victim who is now nursing the injuries was stolen of his phone and money then thrown out of the vehicle by the crew. He memorized the matatu’s number plate and trudged to the nearby Rongai Police Station but was sent off by the police.

His sister added;

“He headed to the station to report but the madam who was there sent him away, refusing to book his story. But the officer who was Manning the entrance intervened and the case was booked”

A friend who was farmiliar with the matatu called the driver who is said to have arrived with a different tout, they then volunteered to pay for the hospital bills and vowed to return Mr. Chege’s phone.

However, the sister was not satisfied claiming that the drivers are colluding with thieves as his stepping forward to pay the hospital bill was enough proof. She however demanded to meet the rogue tout for justice to be met for her recovering brother.