Over 3000 students at the Rongo University in Migori were sent on an indefinite suspension on March 24th over an arsonary incident. After the student election in which a Paul Frank Ongango won, there was a fire outbreak in one of the residential halls. The fire supposedly started in one of the rooms in a hosting 200 male students at 8am. No student was injured but there was property of unknown value was destroyed.

Anti-riot police were called in to contain the situation before the management decided to close the institution.

Onyango and a rival aspirant, Ali Mafudhi camps have engaged each other in bitter wrangles which has seen a dead, another attacked with a sharp knife and several injured in strikes, demonstrations and assaults. Some students claim that their was a lot of rigging during the elections and are ‘fighting’ for justice.

The principal, Samuel Gudu, said that he had held talks with the student leaders following the election results after their were reports of planned destruction of school property. John Olouch, the director of communication said;

”The decision to close the university was arrived at after thorough consultations based on keen assessments of the situation. We could not take chances to keep the rowdy students in the institution because the situation could degenerate”

As they walked past the college gate with their belongings, some students harassed traders and residents of Kitere trading centre, forcing some to flee.

The OCPD of Rongo, Thomas Ngeiwa, reports that no arrests have been made over the arsonary case.