Students at Rongo University have asked lecturers to get back to work and give them the end of semester/end of year exams as was planned. The students are frustrated by the strike that started just after the completion of the repeat elections in late October.

The students have apparently also been forced to go on multiple long holidays. Some of their lecturers are only part-time lecturers so it is expected that they be able to give them exams.

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Communication between the school and its students is also very poor with students not knowing if or when they’ll be back in class, when the strike will be called off or when their exams will be. The student leaders are apparently also not doing enough to communicate to the university about the students problems or to the students about what the administration are saying.

The strike is forcing students to stay in school for longer and may also cause them to graduate later which obviously no student would want no matter how passionate they are about their course.