Tanzanian former gospel music Queen, Rose Muhando, has now found herself in trouble not only with her Tanzanian people but also with the Tanzanian Authorities.

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Rose Muhando during her exorcism

The cause for her most tribulations? The viral video of her getting exorcised by one Neno Evangelism Nganga. A video of her getting exorcised by the controversial has been doing rounds online for the better part of the week.

While that wouldn’t have been such a big normal issue if it was just a common person, her celebrity status has caused a stir online especially with fellow Tanzanian saying if at all it was genuine, it should have been done in private.

The Tanzanian Music Foundation (TAMUFO) on the other side is now demanding she be flown back to her home country with immediate effect for treatment.

The singer is also likely to be penalized or punished for defaming her former manager who she seemed to be blaming for her woes in the “exorcism” video.