Rose Nasimiyu: All Grown Up And Cancer Free

    Fourteen year old Rose Nasimiyu is no stranger to the screens, as she had to battle with the deadly cancer-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Having battled with it for five years she is now cancer-free and ready to tell the world about her inspirational story.
    Here is her exclusive interview with Varcity:

    How was it battling with Hodgkins Lymphoma and when did you discover you had it?

    It was very tough because of the medicine that made me become thin plus I wasn’t eating alot. My mum and family supported me.

    I was nine years old and it came after I had chicken pox as a small growth under my arm.When I went to the doctor, I was given antibiotics and they later found out that it was cancer.


    How did other people treat you in school when they found out that you had this disease?

    I wasn’t treated badly, I was treated like any other normal child.

    What kept you going despite all odds?

    My family and friends especially Erin, Taylor, Sarah, my church gang, George, Jessica, Arina who would check up on me especially when I had my fainting episodes a lot so that I wouldn’t feel so alone.

    How many procedures did you go through to cure this type of cancer?

    I did Chemotherapy for 2 years and Bone Marrow transplant for 6 weeks. I did Radio Therapy both in the UK and in Nairobi. 

    What challenges did you have to face while battling with this disease?

    I had no friends in the UK and it was hard being in a new school, I had low confidence, no hair, being in hospital and not going out much.

    So, you want to become an oncologist, why?

    Out of my own experience, to make kids who are suffering feel better about their lives.

    I hear you have plans to sing. Enlighten our readers on that?

    I have a new song that is being released soon which has been produced by Jambo Studios.


    How do you manage to stay so grounded and well groomed?

    When my dad passed away in November 2014, my mum, friends and siblings were my supporters. I met all their expectations.

    How long are you in Kenya for?

    A month from June 27th to July 27th.

    Do have any interests in modelling?

    Yes I would love to venture into it.

    What is your advice to young cancer victims?

    Keep strong, trust all around, keep close to loved ones, stick to your studies that will determine the rest of your lives.

    Any last words?

    Dream it, Believe it, Do It.
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