H_art the Band seem to be soaring higher and higher in their music career as they have now released a song with the phenomenal Tanzanian songbird Lady Jay Dee. The video features all four artists with Kenchez, the guitarist acting as Jay Dee’s lover. The set is built in a house setting where both actors portray different episodes of their love.

The song begins with spoken word which also occurs at the end. The poet pleads with Rosella to respond to his messages and to quit ignoring him as he had visualized a life with her and can see that she is still around from her social pages.

Mordecai’s vocals coupled with Lady Jay Dee’s in the chorus bring an emotional feel to the song. The song generally speaks about a lady who left her lover who sacrificed lots to be with her. Both parties are full of regret after Rosella’s disappearance. The man for all he invested in their love and the lady for not finding what she sought when she left.

There are two versions of the song online both audios produced by Martin Gwandho ,co-produced by Gituamba and the music video directed by Kevin Bosco JNr all from Kenya. Looks like H_art isn’t going to let it’s guard down this year.