Meghan Markle has faced more controversy and a series of issues  to deal with on her way to the aisle with her soon to be Husband/Prince Harry. Meghan is rewriting the princess story.

Reports continue to show that at first, people had a hard time to accept her as the princess. Bookstores continued to display books with titles; Meghan; The American Princess although it is expected after her marriage to Prince Harry She will be called a Duchess.

Meghan who is of color faced online abuse with people being racist to her regarding the royal family line where this is the first case of an African American to be married in the family.  She was also a divorcee and people thought it was not fit for her to be married to Prince.

Meghan announced her engagement to Harry early November last year and this saw them prepare their wedding and still she continued being vocal about the prejudice she has faced all along as a woman of color seeking to rewrite the princess story all over again.

The latest was on her father who apparently staged photos of him reading a book about Britain, Web searching who Meghan Markle is and jogging in preparation for the wedding. This has caused more problems to Meghan instead as its not sure who is going to walk her down the aisle besides her mother.

In the night of their wedding Meghan and Prince Harry will spend the night at separate luxury hotels near Windsor castle where the wedding is set to take place.

The royal wedding that is set to be on screens around the world will be on 19th May 2018 at ST. George’s Chapel , Windsor Castle.