Gospel musician Roy Mwita aka Rufftone has just landed a job with the government just months after his blood brother Daddy Owen also landed one. Must be one happy blessed and may be rich family isn’t it?

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Rufftone a long side female secular artist turned gospel artist Wahu Kagwi have both been appointed as the advocates headlining the campaign for Technical and Vocational training (TVET) agenda among the youths.

The two took to Instagram to thank the Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed for choosing them for the job. “Encouraging the uptake of TVET is an extremely impactful way of dealing with the employment and skills gap we are currently facing as a country”, read a part of a longer caption the “Mungu Baba” hit maker used in a pic of the meeting where the agreements were made.

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“We need to demystify the notion that success only comes in form of white collar job employment” he continued. The role the two are expected to play in their new job is to encourage the youths to join technical institutions as well instead of idling around and complaining about employment.

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Rufftone’s brother just started his new job a NHIF ambassador as well so I guess the brothers can laugh all the way to the bank together.