Kenya Rugby Football Union (KRFU) has continued to promote and preserve Africa’s premier rugby sevens for quite a number of years now. This is one exciting, popular and crowd attracting Kenyan sporting activity that Kenyans both players and fans turn out in large numbers. Safaricom sevens is here again, it is said more than 15 teams will participate in this year’s tournament for the top title.

The 21st edition of the Rugby tournament will be held at the Safaricom Stadium also known as, Kasarani Stadium on the 23rd September all through to 25th September, 2016. The tournament was first held in 1996 at the RFUEA grounds that saw the likes of legends nurtured, such as the talented Benjamin Ayimba who now coaches the Kenyan team.

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To attract more participation from both regional and international teams, the rugby tournament was moved to September, sometimes held in October, as opposed to the previous years that were held on June or July season.

The main sponsors of the hyped up rugby tournament remains to be Safaricom, with other respectable stakeholders such as EABL giving the tournament financial support. The Kenyan team, Shujaa have won a couple of the yesteryears tournament. 2016 would be a hopeful year for a win.

Apart from the usual sporting event, fans that include young people use this outdoor event as an avenue to have a good time. From catching up with the game, to partying and at times being ratchet. However, Safaricom Sevens is usually a bit lukewarm with standard decency as compared to the likes of (ratchet) Masaku Sevens.


The events tickets are as follows:

Friday charges are ksh. 300, while Saturday and Sunday ksh. 500 for each day.

While a season ticket goes for ksh. 800 meaning you could go for all three days.

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