Lord Acton famously said that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but he might just as truly have swallowed his “r”s and said “Power coopts.”We young people are not exactly known for making sober-minded decisions. We do things in the haste of the moment. If I ruled the world, I don’t know which way I would go. I’m equally afraid of unleashing my inner Nero on the one hand and turning into an overcautious consensus-seeker on the other—if only out of fear that I’d make some well-intended blunder that brought calamity to the planet.I am not known for my modesty, and some may be surprised to learn that I really don’t think I have all the answers. Here, for instance, is one of my favourite ideas, but I am truly baffled about how to put it into action even with all the powers in the world at my disposal. As we all know—but sometimes forget, in our panic— when the plumbing has burst, the first step to take is to turn off the water main. In that spirit, I would like my first step on ascending to the dictatorship to be decreeing high quality, non-ideological education for boys and girls in every community on the globe. If we could just liberate the world’s children from illiteracy, ignorance, and superstition, their curiosity would lead them to solutions that were both locally informed and sensitive globally. Rid the world of the use of ‘x’ in place of s and give them a cornerstone on which to build their success upon.
I believe that through this education everything else will fall into place. No more aimless squabbles over who is greater than who, because equality would be achieved.
Yes, ruling the world would be a little bit like a guy’s first time on the saddle. He doesn’t want to under-perform or look inexperienced but wants to create a lasting good impression and have fun doing it.
Rule your world!!!