Gospel Singer Ringtone Apoko is at it again. We really can’t tell whether he likes doing public stunts to get people talking about him or if that is how he just is.

Just recently, the Pamela hit maker was mocked online to stop acting like he is a man of God and this made people talk to him a hash way.

As always, Kenyans really know when and how to attack you in the most sweetable way that will leave you the topic of discussion for even several consecutive days.

So yesterday Ringtone decided to post a picture on his gram page and he captioned it with a very poor grammar and this has left many people attacking him savagely online some even calling him a slay queen.

Ringtone wrote:

Please encouraging me I feel like am not smartly dressed today my heart needs an inspiration.🙏🙏🙏

Check out reactions from people:

Mary: Sly Queen, I mean SLAY king on point!!!!

Lyne: What you wear does not matter so long as your whole again

Vee: Please correct your grammar @ringtoneapoko

Kiddo: Uko mchafu hakuna usafi ww…..ni ujinga tuuu uko nayo

Awuor: lemmie comment on the English first. dressing code ni next post. encourage you? encouraging you? we don’t encourage on dressing code, we comment on itnegatively or positevily

Harnize: Your heart?? Do you even have a heart or a poshomill.. Umedress kama ngamia, enda uliza pepo zako chafu huko kwa takataka Unakaa vizuri A POKO.. Mapua Poko should be your other nick name..

Faith: Poko mkubwa wewe….shame on u…how can u talk bad about willy poze….hauna akili…wewe ndio devil worshipper mkubwa…do u think we dont know