drugs (1)Now that we are way into the new millennium, society has begun to seriously get concerned with things affecting our youths today. Some issues have always been there but it just coming to our concern now so that we can find solutions.

We live in a society that promotes materialism and so we perpetuate this particular malady by instilling bad habits. We are taught that the measure of success and happiness in life is measured by how much stuff we have and what we do as “cool” stuff. We naturally want to do these things-especially those that our friends are doing. This leads to canny behaviors such as drug and substance abuse.

There was a time in cinematic history where virtually drug and substance abuse was a norm and every actor/actress was portrayed on screen with a cigarette in hand. It was implied as cool. As a result everyone was doing it including kid. Well, as awareness to the danger of smoking increased, “cool” images of smoking disappeared. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about drugs and alcohol. These vices are staples in every day media.

Simply, drinking and using drugs became cool. The numbers bare tale. An increasing percentage of Kenyan youths admit to getting high on drugs and gets crippling with even a larger number of them admitting to drinking alcohol. Our youths re literally moving around in an intoxicating daze. Immature behavior is then amplified due to being under the influence. Drunk driving and poor grades and attendance, social and violent behavior, and the list go on.Unfortunately, there is little restraint and accompanying guidance as we go about changing this. The best we can do is waiting, always hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Peace from Wayne

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