The festive season officially begins! It’s been a really long year for all of us. People had fun, there were some sad times, but we made it through. Some workplaces are almost ending their year. Christmas is around the corner, and most people are almost traveling. The Nairobi to Dubai, Nairobi to Diani squad is about to turn up!

Everybody needs a vacation; we should reward ourselves for working so hard. I hope all of you got your bikini bodies ready? We need to slay at the beach!

Also, this festive season is a time for road trips and more road trips! When we are going for these road trips, we should be extra careful, we really don’t want to lose lives just when we are about to finish the year.

Here are some of the tips we should observe when driving during this season.

1. Always plan ahead

Before you start your trip, make sure that your car is in good condition for driving. Check if the weather is safe enough to drive outside. Ensure that everything is in check.

2. Buckle up

Always make sure that everyone in the car has their seat belts on. This mostly includes you, the driver. Wearing seat belts can reduce the risk of someone getting seriously injured.

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3. Don’t drink and drive

Everybody knows this is the number one rule yet they ignore this. Don’t pretend you’re too gangsta and you can handle driving while you’re drunk. Always have another driver at this point to help you out. Or you can also just order a taxi.

4. Stay alert and fresh

You should have enough rest before driving. Driving while tired and sleepy always brings a lot of accidents. If you feel so exhausted, slow down and take a nap and you can continue driving later.

5. Avoid over speeding

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Over speeding is very dangerous and everyone should avoid this at all times. This can cause unnecessary accidents that can be controlled. Go at a slow pace, you’ll always reach your destination.

Happy holidays everyone!