Sami Khedira Solidifies His Leave From Real Madrid

After five industrious years of playing religiously for Real Madrid, the 27- year old Germany midfielder, Sami Khedira, has decided to take a hike for good after the end of his contract which expires at the end of the season.

As a result of taking up Real Madrid’s offer in 2010, he won last year’s Champions League with the Spanish Big Shots and has been linked to Bundesliga Side Schalke 04.
“This is definitely not a decision against Real, I just want to spice up my career and evolve”, he told the Kicker. he also goes on to say, ” I love Madrid… I will give my everything to this jersey until the last day of my contract.” Well, isn’t that sweet!

Sami Khedira also makes a point to be noted that he has no particular prospective on the team he is to join next but I don’t think we all need rocket science to realize and see that we have a couple of hawks in the sky, lurking around his much waited end of contract. Let us take a peek into these possibilities;
The Gunners came so close to signing the world cup winner last summer and are likely to approach the superstar again. This time, however, they will face lots of competition for the player. An upper hand, all the same, is on Arsenal as Khedira will have the opportunity to play with his long time friend and former team mate, Mesut Ozil. Let us hope Ozil will lure Khedira…
sami khedira
Khedira averaged at least forty appearance while Jose Mourinho was the coach of Real Madrid and the Portuguese coach is said to be a big admirer of the midfielder. With the new-look Chelsea, Khedira will be a tempting prospect. And with the Blues likely to be the Premier League Champions come the summer, the feeling is probably mutual.
sami khedira
With Steve Gerrad’s departure, there is going to be a gaping hole in  the Liverpool formation. Khedira has the ability to play on this Liverpool side, and would be very confident starting ahead of Levia and Allen. Liverpool’s finish to this season could be  their saving grace as a lack of Champions League Football could be a deal breaker for Sami Khedira.
Well, the Real fans are mortified to see the world cup winner leave their grounds but the feeling is far from mutual with the soccer vultures waiting for his resignation. All the best to the prospects and may the best team sign him in!

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