Kenya’s favorite boy band Sauti Sol and duo Amos and Josh have come together and created a complete masterpiece. The new track ‘Nerea’ will bring tear to anybody’s eye.

Their sweet and soulful voices tell the tale of a man who is telling his baby mama not to abort. He presents her with various reasons not to do so, like the child turning out to be the next Obama or Lupita. They also remind us that when God gives you a child, he has put a plate on your table and will dine with you.

This amazing song has moved many with many speculating that abortion cases in Kenya will reduce due to this touching song. Upon asking various ladies whether the song has had any impact on them, it was quite obvious that this song has tugged on their heart strings. A 22 year old girl named Mary said;

“If I were thinking of procuring an abortion and I listened to the song, I would definitely change my mind.”

Another lady who procured an abortion 5 years ago admitted that while she was very confused and scared when she got pregnant at the age of 20, however she admits if she had heard the song, perhaps things could have turned out differently.

Young men also support the songs message as they believe it has a great message and hope that their fellow ladies will take the message in the song seriously.

However, not everyone agrees with the song’s message. Jackline, a 28 year old had this to say;

“As a feminist, I do not think it is fair to make women feel guilty. Yes they can become a celebrity, however, what are the chances of that if they are born in Kibera??!”

No matter what you think, the song is quite catchy and comes from a good place. So this cold season, before you cuddle too close and engage in sex, remember the real issues that result from a few minutes of pleasure.

Here is the video, Nerea;

Thank you Sauti Sol and Amos and Josh, you have definitely saved some unborn lives. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.