Kilimanjaro Music Awards is held this year again in Tanzania to appreciate the ever growing African music.

This year several Kenyans have made it as nominees to the Best East African Song category. There’s Sauti Sol with ‘Sura Yako’ , Jaguar with ”Kioo” and Victoria Kimani with ”Prokoto” and ”Show”. All these great artists are competing for this award and we can only say, ‘May the best jam win.’

From our neighbours, only Tanzanian artist Chameleon made the list with the hit ‘Wale Wale’.

With that list of nominees I think it’s a bit too obvious who won’t win. No offence meant. Vicky is great and we love her but it’s East Africa not Nigeria where she’s most popular. Jaguar…well if I was a fan I’d comment but I’m not so I highly doubt it. Kioo, really? I’m surprised it made the list. Jaguar needs quite the applause. I just found out his YouTube views beat Victoria’s by over 100,000. Very good. Jaguar might just have scored himself a new fan.

With my accurate elimination method, that leaves us with the legendary Jose Chameleone and sexy Sauti Sol. Given Wale Wale is most recent and is still fresh on our airwaves it’s chances are quite high. Though then again there’s Sura Yako which of course has been here for way too long. It’s amazing how people still dance to it. Who knew it would still be that jam that makes people’s faces light up 7 months later. This is a tough competition,isn’t it?

Well, I’d bet money that Sauti Sol will bring home Best East African Song. If asked why, Sauti Sol is an all time sweetheart. Recently they released Nerea which has had the most positive vibe, who’ll wait to see what song they’re voting for. Anything Sauti Sol just makes ladies scream. Sauti Sol is undoubtly the most popular music band in East Africa at the time. Nevertheless I’m no future teller,we will see.

 Voting commenced on 5th May so beautiful East African people place your votes and let your favorite artist bag the award!
Who will you be voting for? Tell us below.