The Live and Die in Africa Tour, is coming to an end in the country with future plans of touring other African states. The group gave their fans unforgettable performances. Fashion was also the basis of their shows, with them embracing the African in them.

Are we hating or liking their fashion sense?


Bien took it home with the Ankara shirt and jeans. The look is stylish and comfortable. It can suit any man on any occasion. Well Chimano’s look is… interesting. Big up for exposing your hairy legs and chest. His physique may allow him to take that risk. Polycarp’s vintage look blends simplicity and versatility. Lastly Savara, white on white. One easy outfit formula that looks good on everyone. The detailed on the shoulders is what leaves question marks on whether a Nairobi guy would actually rock that look.


This is definitely a liking, nothing to hate on this. All I similar outfits, looking like a band they are.


Sauti Sol has a distinctive style that screams their name. These prints are unique and the color combination makes it an all-round stylish and different from mainstream vitenge we see our oldies wear.


Doesn’t this just give you breathing problems?

Fashion is all about taking risks and rocking a look with confidence. With cultural imperialism, fashion could be what African can live and die with.


Bien matches an African material fitting shirt while on tour in Meru. Love it.



I must say the truth here, I don’t like this look.

Any other looks you liked during their tour? Tell us your thoughts.