Award winning music group Sauti Sol have finally spoken out in regards to an attack unleashed by rapper King Kaka last month. The rapper blasted Sauti Sol as well as other big name artistes for not doing enough to push for the growth of Kenya’s music industry despite their successful musical careers.

Sauti Sol responded to the dig this week in not so kind words.

Members of the group dismissed the rapper as a lukewarm artiste whose current effort to manage local artistes is unhelpful.

An agitated Sauti Sol member Bien Baraza wondered why rapper T-Dat and singer Avril signed up with King Kaka Empire yet they are way better musician than he is.

He added:

“It doesn’t mean Kaka signing a musician is doing something for the industry. We came up with a project called “Studio Mashinani” which was a platform for Kenyan youths and it was taken away from us. We do it because we love it, so that his sorry a** can get a chance at it later in his life.”

The group wondered what King Kaka has done in terms of employing youths during his shows, saying that they did a tour that employed more than hundred people.

Savara, another member of Sauti Sol, added that talking about King Kaka is like wasting a career he has worked for over five years.

“I think Kaka wants relevance with Sauti Sol. I feel like I’m giving him relevance. I think I have worked too hard and now that I’m talking about him I’m giving him five years of my career,”