Sauti Sol are no strangers to the musical scene as they have surpassed all musical borders and proven that they are a force to reckon with.They have been nominated in so many award ceremonies,performed with some of the biggest artists in Africa and beyond and were chosen to represent Kenya for the second time in Coke Studio this year.

Sauti Sol launched the SOMA SOMA Initiative back in 2012,that seeks to develop a peer to peer mentorship culture amongst school-goers throughout Kenya. By identifying various institutions, the group seeks to engage partners to go around to these institutions with this message.

Varcity recently sat down with them after the press conference last week held at the Stanley Hotel about life,music and education and this is what they had to say:

How do you help young people to nurture their talents?

It is an opening for young people with studio invites,concerts as well as a startup to our label to help them grow and nurture their talents.

How did your show go in Morocco?
Due to technicalities,the connections to go there were too complicated so we ended up not going.
How was the whole Coke Studio experience for you?
It was a huge workload,from morning to evening work affair,very good experience.

What led you to work with artists like Iyanya, Ali Kiba, Yemi Alade and Micasa?

Music crossover, we have common interests and connections. 

Sauti Sol And Ali Kiba Dance Their Way Into Our Hearts #UnconditionallyBae

How did it feel to be nominated for the Afrimma Awards?
We welcomed them and were grateful.
How did your ‘Live and Die Tour’ go?
The shows were great and we had 100 people on the team.
Chimano – Why did you spend Kshs 500,000 on your birthday party and how did it go?
Why not….it was awesome!
Is it true that you disappointed your US fans during one of your many tours?
Its not true.

You are Ambassadors for Education.What’s your opinion about the recent burning of school dorms?

Its not about the kids, its about the system, pressure of the system, its disgusting. There’s more to this than the kids. It doesn’t make sense as its feeding into the system.
Any last words?
The show must go on.Keep bringing more music,we’ll be breaking the glass sealing.