Saving Money In Campus 101


You can’t have it both, have a college life and money.  Every student at least in their college life would be heard saying am broke, I have a week old okoa jahazi or eating the cheapest food they could get. College life needs extreme discipline when it comes to saving money.

  1. Make a budget. This is easy to formulate but when it comes to following it, it is a mission. Make sure it is realistic. Test it first; a week or two see if it works. Never forget to allocate some money for emergencies because you never know.
  2. Allocate an adequate amount on the basic necessities. This is of course food and shopping. Have foodstuff such as rice and flour.  At least when you are broke; you can still prepare yourself a decent meal. And never go shopping when you are hungry. Always have soap, toothpaste, lotion and everything that you use on a day to day basis intact. So that when the money well runs dry, you have a survival kit somewhere.
  3. Stay away from impulse spending. Don’t see something and want it. Stay away from ngara and toi if you have to. Always plan your purchases and monitor your urges.


  1. Don’t buy anything on credit, this only means more debts. If you are broke, just sit back and enjoy number two as you wait on the next time you will get money. Buying things on credit is quite addictive.
  2. Photocopying so many hand outs or printing out documents sent by lecturers via email. If you have a laptop, there is no need on having hard copies that wont even be touched maybe until the last week to exam, the best way is to read from the laptop, save some loose change here and there.
  3. Pleasure is expensive. Partying and drinking should at least reduce. Don’t be a party animal. Always out, always drinking and having a good time. This will milk you dry even faster than impulse spending .

Unmasking_0037. Get a roommate to split the rent and utilities. They will help reduce on the spending costs. He or she will remove an equal amount, while you can save the other half or allocate that money for something else

8. Sometimes walk, rather than board buses. Not only does it cut costs, but at least great exercise. This is applicable to students who live a stone throw away from school. Traffic jams are boring unless it is raining or the sun is scorching and bearable.

KU1208149. Make use of the students ID, comes with discounts. From watching movies in the cinema to eateries have student meal deals. Take advantage of those and save some money.

10. Open a student’s bank account, at least that earns you some interest. Most banks don’t charge high fees for students. And never take loans that are unnecessary, they only bring more debts.

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