Gorgeous socialite and exotic dancer Vanessa Chettle brought the internet to a standstill yesterday when she unleashed a photo of herself while she was heavily pregnant. Most of her fans appeared to be in doubt as they stated that the photo was edited or appeared to be a joke.

The ravishing lass however captioned the Thursday, December 21 photo ‘post baby things’ hinting to her perturbed followers that she had already delivered her baby. The sultry socialite made rounds on the internet when word hit the streets that she was once married to a very old man.

Yesterday she posted a photo of the adorable baby and captioned

Anna you miracle you!! I birthed her all by MYSELF at home in the freaking bathroom!! I’ll explain later how that situation came to be, for now I’m just proud of this strong lil mini ME 🙂

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As shocking as the announcement is, we are so proud of Vanessa and cannot wait to hear the details!!