Sebastian Vettel extended his lead at the top by winning the Monaco Grand Prix yesterday. Vettel who was driving a Ferrari led his teammate Kimi Raikkonen in taking the top two spots with Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo coming in third in the much contested race in France.

The race was slowed down by a collision that involved McLaren’s Jenson Button who was returning to Formula 1 after replacing Fernando Alonso. Lewis Hamilton who was considered a threat and also a favorite to win finished in 7th place in what was seen as a difficult race for him after he started dismally.

Sebastian Vettel was given a platform to shine this time and he did not disappoint. According to BBC Sport, the last time Ferrari worn the Monaco GP, Vettel was only 13 years old. This was back in 2001 when Michael Schumacher won it.

Vettel and fellow Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen had chances of overtaking each other in the race with the latter leading for much of it. The final round saw him make mistakes in turns and it gave the lead to Vettel who did not make a mistake and led it to the finish line.