The only stage I can think of when people actually liked to study is kindergarten. As you move to higher grades you start to hate homework and school although you know you still have to go.

Here are a few ways to keep up with school even you do not like it:

  1. Get all the notes-somehow

You may not be the one to write you own notes but if you do not want to flop your exams at the end of the semester get them. You could photocopy from a classmate or find handouts if any.


  1. Be-friend the class rep

This comes in handy if you miss a few classes. Make sure that you are on your class representative’s good side. They mostly get favored by lecturers and can really get you out of a sticky situation due to their familiarity with them.


  1. Do the assignments

Whether you are going to pox your name in that group assignment’s front page or not, get it done. Believe it or not it mostly earns you a good grade.


  1. Check out your course outline

I didn’t start doing this till recently when I realized some lecturers are witty enough to set the exam from exactly what is on the outline. Yes those pieces of paper actually come in handy.  Plus they have lists of books you can read for when you cannot find the notes.


  1. Minimize truancy

Like I said, school sucks but we have to go anyway. Try attending most of your classes it reduces the amount of kissing up to people you’d have to do and helps you keep tabs on your school life.