Over the years, we’ve had great news presenters who’ve graced our TV screens with the likes of Esther Arunga and Namtero Mdee popularly known as Tero Mdee who both later on left the media scene to spread the word.

We all remember what happened to Esther Arunga, whose life drastically changed and took a turn for the worst.

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Then came Tero Mdee – sister to Vanessa Mdee – & Mafisi Sacco drooled upon seeing her and she was a role model to many youngins. She, however, left the scene abruptly, leaving unanswered questions. 

Over the years, there were snippets of news about her whereabouts. Apparently, she moved back to her home, Tanzania, where she got married to a pastor. The news shocked everyone as she was an entertainment guru and all of a sudden she was a pastor’s wife; not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Well, in current news, Tero went on to join her husband’s ministry and is now a fully-fledged Pastor and is doing quite well in her marriage life.

So if you’ve missed her like we have here are a few of the sermons she’s been giving alongside her husband.

There are many more on Youtube.