They said the basic needs are food, clothing and shelter but recently sex was added as also a basic need and it is due to that, that its level has increased especially among the young people in learning institutions.Sex has become a part and parcel of life in campus starting from students, lecturers to the subordinate staff. It has even led to the introduction of sex education in campus. The three common types of sex that exist in campus are:

Between students and their fellow students.

runs-babesIt’s the most common type that exists in campus. Even though the school administration does not bar students from having sex, it has put certain rules to control it like for example the ‘ten to ten’ rule in Kenyatta University which has never been upheld by the students. Students always get these sex mates when fresh blood report to school and also when events are organized in school for example culture week in Kenyatta University. They also get them through interaction in classes, libraries, hostels e.t.c. This sex mostly takes place in hostels, latrines and during functions organized in the night (one-night stand) for example in cars. The sex has become so rampant in campus to the extent that students are taught on how to practice safe sex instead of the initial abstinence lessons. Once in a while VCT’S are brought in school to enable students know their HIV status. Even male students are provided with condoms in their hostels to help reduce the rate of disease infection and pregnancy. Many attempts to stop this high rate of sexual activity among students have failed and I believe it’s partly due to science which says that there is high rate of sexual activity at the youthful age.

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Between students and lecturers.

It is the most secretive but still very rampant especially between female students and lecturers. It is mostly done to get better grades. Students who don’t want to read especially female ones engage in sex with their lecturers so that they are given better grades. Also students who have failed their exams or have got retakes are lured into sex by lecturers in order to get better marks. It has been a demoralizer to fellow students especially male ones but what can they do?

Between students and support staff.

It is not a common and it has got no special favors. Mostly it occurs to get small favors such as entrance into libraries and getting good hostels but mostly it is due to attraction.

  • Sex has become a way of life and students have abandoned the abstinence call. So students should be taught on how to practice safe sex in as much as its rate is being reduced. Students should be careful who they engage in sex with, some are just out there to infect you with the deadly disease. But most of all students should try as much as possible to avoid the sex and focus on education which is what brought them to school. Lecturers and the subordinate staff should stop engaging in sex with students for selfish interests and instead focus on their work.

By Charles Osore