Age is nothing but just a number though certain decisions calls for maturity.An ongoing debate on whether the age consent for sex should be lowered to 16 years have raised eyebrows among many people.

There are those who support the lowering of the age without understanding the consequences.

If the consent is approved the young ones are likely to engage in promiscuous behaviours leading to adverse effects to the society.

Early marriages may become a setback to the young teens in realizing their dreams as their morals are likely to be eroded.

Some may end up in streets as some of the young lads may end being chased from their families due to early pregnancies that happened suddenly.

Abortion may become a norm in the society if this is granted to the young ones. Other social crimes will come alongside the issue.

The young men who have dreams of becoming great people may also end up in depression due to pressures they are likely to be put to especially in cases of early marriages.

As times goes by, Kenyans needs to be vigilant on issues that are trying to destroy our morals.

As some judges proposes the age consent to be lowered to 16 years, there are those who are also against what the court proposes.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i expressed his objection to the move to lower the sex consent age. He urged parents and government to work together to find solutions to problems affecting the youths at the moment.

We need to act sooner rather than later or we shall miss the water , when the well runs dry.