Sex; Lets’ All Get It In


Let’s just be real, sex is just sex. There is no other name for sex if not sex and the stereotyping of sexually active people into whores is totally misplaced in today’s world.

This is a generation that is undoubtedly adventurous and therefore sex talk is not an issue. Unlike before, most people are no longer reluctant talk about their sex life and to this younger generation this is no longer sacred and therefore indulging in it is quite normal.


A lucid example is the normalization of sex on our Television screens. It is no doubt that the depth to which sex permeates our society is really high. You can no longer turn on the Television set without finding titillating sexual scenes in a program. We no longer have family friendly content even in newspapers and magazines. The internet too has everything about sex and now we have unlimited access to saucy pictures and videos. These thought-provoking scenes are no longer confined only to adolescents but to kids as young as five years. Pleasure is the main goal of everyone. And with so many avenues of recreation like dance clubs, bars and prostitution dens the young ones are able to escape from the traditional cultured-livelihoods to carefree lives. There is no more purity in young innocent young lives.


The most tragic thing is that the older generation is overlooking reality and instead bashing the younger one. Instead of demonizing sex and being so old school about it, we need to have a different perspective and acknowledge that we are living in a free world and casual sex has little harm if two consenting people agree to it. There is a reason why we have condoms and other contraceptives and instead of being judgmental over people who are bold enough to carry such with them, we should commend them for being wise enough more so strive to emulate such.

We need to get it real. We cannot do without sex. We all enjoy sex. Whatever name you give it, sex is one of the most beautiful things ever in this world. So lets’ get it in and do our thing the best way we can.

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By Yahya Gondosio @YashGondosio