Whether she was dressed indecently or not, this does not give the right to Embassava touts to forcefully and shamefully strip a woman right in the city center. If they have any grievances agaisnt someone’s dress code they should take it up with the government to legislate dress but as long as it is no criminal offence to dress as one pleases, it does not give them the right to do what they did.

The woman in the video is seen sorrounded by horny sex starved freaks who are the more hungry to not tell her she was dressed inappropriately but to simple see what is behind her clothes.

The obviously scared woman at some point tries to scream but no help is forthcoming. This was nothing short of gang rape with the exception that she was lucky it was during the day.

Embassava bus management must take personal responsibility for this and issue a public apology. Whether the touts were for the company or a few of them were, their failure to protect this woman is tantamount to complicitness in the criminal act.

In any moral and decent society when that happened, responsible employees of the company ought have put the woman in the bus and waited for the police or called a taxi to take her home. Not condone such acts.

If women are reading this right now, i dare you to boycott Embassava buses. One day that miniskirt of yours may not be so short but the touts will think it is. Or that top maybe too tight for them and will want to remove it for you. Embassava must take this up personally and offer an apology to the lady.

Source: http://islim.co.ke