Tis the season yet again. Residence of Homa Bay county today work up with relieve that their standard eight candidates were doing KCPE examinations after which they would be ready for the next step. But the unlikely happened when a number of them were arrested by police in a rather weird situation.

Police in Homa Bay are holding 14 pupils who were caught attending a sex party riddled with alcohol

It has been reported that police are holding 14 candidates who’s examinations were underway attending an alleged sex party and indulging in alcohol.

A retired teacher, Mr. Ben Otieno spotted the students engaging in a drinking spree and dancing naked in a local pub, which made him alert the police. He further claimed that some of the students he knew were engaging in sexual acts.

Homa Bay OCPD Mr. Esau Ochorokodi confirmed the matter and stated that the students had been taken to Homa Bay Police Station. The police boss said;

“We have arrested them as children who need parental care because they failed to produce identity cards. We are taking them to court soon” .

The manager of the club that the teenagers were enjoying themselves was also taken into custody and this is what he had to say;

“We are going to take legal action against the club and its manager will be arraigned in court.”

Angry residents demanded for the closure of the club for exposing underage individuals to alcohol and allowing them to perform sexual acts that are prohibited for their age and in public. Condemned Regan Ochieng’, an angry resident said;

“Children are people who need direction hence I blame the club management for allowing them in. I am appealing to the relevant authority to revoke the club license”

It is hardly two months since a similar event happened within the same environs of Homa Bay where secondary school students were found in a house performing sex orgies for a week.