Natural hair has always been and will always remain on top of any other hairstyle and if you really can take good care of it then you do not have to worry of the growth and how to maintain it.

Sharon Mundia, a fashion blogger and vlogger has decided to cut off her hair to make it short and in her vlog, she explains why she did that.

Sharon who people know by the name This Is Ess, work with Nation media group in a show dubbed Living with Ess that airs every morning on issues of lifestyle, relationship and so much more.

In a video, she explains how to do sleeked back hairstyle for a short hair and she interacts with a friend and talk about going natural in your hair.

Short hair makes me feel powerful. She says in the video

Sharon went ahead to explain why she cut her hair:

First my hair was damaged and there was a patch that was shorter than the rest when filming living with Ess, secondly its because i am a mum. She explained

Check out the video:

Check out few reactions from people:

I am what people may call a “lazy natural” 🤣🤣😁. I do the least + use few, simple products, and for me, thats what works for me. There are sooooo many ‘rules’ and i feel one MUST filter everything and do what works for them. Mondy says for her protective styling was kinda irritating her scalp, but for me it is what helps my hair gain volume and length. I live for nyasuba locks 🤩 and i stay with them for months, another rule hair community will frown upon but it works for my hair growth and i stick to it. For some people, heat breaks their hair and for others, heat is ok and kidogo blowdry makes it managable. To each their own and fuck all judgmental people. I had relaxed hair in highschool, and stopped relaxing 2nd year Uni. I just wanted my volume back so i transitioned. Now fully natural and i am length chasing- which i feel is not a bad thing. If i can have both long and healthy hair, why not? You get? My hair routine is easy: i wash and condition, then treat. Wash day lasts 30 min to an hour; i chose not do that whole day wash-day thing. I then blowdry until just straight then oil the scalp (my oil is a mix of shea + castor + olive + eucalyptus), grease the strands with castor then i shuka one french braid. Bas! My products are just shampoo, conditioner, treatment, mafuta. Hiyo tu. My hair has responded positively to low manipulation and few, simple products. It now is almost bra strap and wear it out for special dates 🤩. When i leave the house, i wear my wig (not to hide my hair but as one of the many protective styles) or just my french braid. I personally don’t like twist outs coz i find the process long and for my hair, breakage is more in that hairstyle, but to those who rock them, shine on! Ultimately, to each their own . Hair is just hair and do yours in whichever way will make you feel beautiful, whichever way is easiest for you and whichever way is most affordable for you.
I feel like I know one of your really close friends who’s been slicking her hair back with gel for the last year or so. I don’t know. 🤔 Someone whose style you really admire and you couldn’t but help emulate because she’s just soooooo wow. Hmmmm. I wonder who that could be. 😏
I feel like natural hair community is becoming a cult. Too many rules and products. Then there are people who make you feel that you are not natural enough for not following the ‘rules’. I have decided to do what feels right and manageable for me.