Popular Vloging couple Natalie Tewa and Rnaze have broken up.

Natalie Tewa and her Ex Rnaze

The sexy lass and her Ugandan boyfriend identified as Rnaze were couple goals. The young couple flooded our timeline with photos from their vacations and travel adventures.

This was to the annoyance of many.

They would vlog about their travel experiences wherever they were at an exotic destination.

But the popular couple who branded themselves, Bonnie And Clyde, are no more. They’ve parted ways.

Natalie Tewa revealed that she is no longer dating Rnaze after messages on her official Instagram account insinuate so.

Natalie Tewa’s Instagram story about the break-up.

A few hours ago, messages of Tewa ‘admitting’ to have cheated on her man surfaced.

Rnaze also announced the break up on Instagram on Wednesday, accusing Tewa of cheating on him.

Rnaze announced the break-up on Instagram on Wednesday.

Rnaze, a photographer, claims he went to Uganda on March 13th, and when he returned to Kenya 4 days later, he was met with a terrible surprise.

The 30-year-old says he apologizes to Kenyans who perceived their love life to be perfect, and as a result, harbored the pressure to emulate them.

“My heart goes out to all the Bonnie and Clyde fans who were invested. i am truly sorry,” said Rnaze.

On her end, Natalie Tewa claims she ended the relationship because he was emotionally and physically violent.