annetForget all the praises that are hyped up on all those University celebrities that come out with flashy cloths, expensive cologne and swag. There is a whole new sense of being a celebrity and it’s all about hiding behind the scenes.

Yes you might wonder who you can be behind the scenes and still be a celebrity, as much as being a celebrity means everyone in the university has an idea of who you are, some tend to not want such publicity. It’s a whole new side of the coin.

Meet the beautiful Annette S Sana from Daystar University.

If you meet her around campus, you wouldn’t notice anything extraordinary with her or even think she is a celebrity at her own capacity, but at only 21, she is a freelance model, who has worked for Bellami Africa super models, owned by the editor of Samantha bridal show, and many others. Recently named model of the day by GHAFLA, her stunning beauty has her on the lenses of many photographers recently shining for shift eye photography.

by Humphrey Waweru