Step into any club in town and one of the components that makes it off the hook is the presence of Shisha, whether you smoke it or not.

But what many do not know is that the narcotic substance is nowhere scripted in mututho’s black book pages of banned drugs. Yap, I know many of you are surprised from the mention of narcotic, which means it is in the same category as cigarettes.

EPSON DSC PictureSpeaking to the CEO of the National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) William Okedi, he was quick to say shisha together with other substances such as Kuber are under survey national survey by NACADA in collaboration with the government chemist and the Ministry of Health to determine whether the flavored tobacco is suitable for use as it has been confirmed that they contain certain chemicals which may have side effects.

“We are going to collect samples, interview some consumers and to analyze what is really in Shisha since beyond that flavor that smells nice and is sweet they contain chemicals”, said Okedi adding that it is astonishing the rate at which it is gaining popularity amongst campus students.

So as students continue reveling themselves with the shishas, kubers and Chavez in clubs rest assured bwana Mututho has your interests at heart.