Cooperative University is mourning the death of one student, Velma who committed suicide  on claims that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Velma had visited her boyfriend on Friday of 22 of February for a party and she was supposed to go back to school on Sunday.

Velma had heard rumors of her boyfriend cheating and so to find out the truth, she decided to stay longer at her boyfriends place as she tried to investigate the issue.

Snooping through her man’s phone, she found messages from a girl named Ethel who is schooling at the same school with her man.

Velma is said to have committed suicide after her boyfriend, Kelvin had sex in front of her in another party in Narok.

She went ahead to leave a text message and recorded herself before committing suicide.

Thanks for everything. You were indeed a great person. I am very sorry for everything. You have always wanted the best for me. I am very sorry but i can’t take it anymore. Kelvoh is the last thing i wanted to lose. There is no life without him. Suicide was the last thing i ever thought of but i give up. All the best and please don’t miss me. She wrote

It is saddening to see this young generation taking action in their own hands when it comes to matters of the heart.