For the last few Weeks Joe Jowie and his fiancé Jacque Maribe have been trending for being linked to the murder of businesswoman, Monica Kimani.

However, not much had been heard from their relatives and close ones until yesterday when for the first time, Joe Irungu’s parents spoke to NTV’s Dennis Okari. According to them, Joe was given a ‘proper’ upbringing and he is not culpable of committing such a crime. They are staunch Christians and he was a choir member and they say they are confident he still follows the values they instilled in him.

The interview brought to light some details about Joe and his ‘was to be wife’ Jacque Maribe that many people didn’t know.

First was the guy is very cheeky and neither his parents nor his fiancée knew much about him including where he was staying.

Secondly, the guy never introduced his fiancée to his parents as they could “see her on Citizen TV on Fridays night if they wanted to see her”.

Looking at the background on which the interview was done, it was also very clear that the suspect’s parents were not living the flashy lifestyle he had been living and showing on social media and many people have called him out for that.

Following the airing of the interview, it has also emerged that Jowie might have been lying to people that his dad died and may have even received donations following the “death”.

Here is what people had to say on social media concerning the matter;